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Safety first, please keep away from these stations during the production process.

Date:2016-10-10  Author:DEX  View: 1227
1. Dust
In the production process, because of the mechanical transport of solid materials, open-air operations of various materials, automobile transport, cement into the tank, there will be a lot of dust and so on. Operators working in the dust environment for a long time, will be dust injury, leading to occupational diseases.
2. object attack
Due to the instability of objects on tall buildings, structures and higher equipment, improper storage of objects can easily lead to falling injuries. Especially in the inspection, when equipment maintenance, there are dangers such as tools, parts and other objects lost and injured.
3. mechanical damage
Large-scale, long-distance operation of mechanical equipment, its exposure to more moving parts, prone to mechanical damage. In the process of installation, operation and maintenance, if the quick moving parts, swinging parts and meshing parts of some equipments lack good protective facilities, they may injure the hands, feet, hair and body parts of the operators. Operators who are not equipped with and incorrectly wear the necessary labor protective equipment may cause mechanical damage. All kinds of pumps or other equipments with transmission devices may also cause mechanical damage if the protective facilities are insufficient or damaged.
4. Lifting injury
Such accidents may occur in the installation, overhaul and use of the lifting equipment to be used in the installation and production process.
5. Vehicle damage
The loading, unloading, installation and transportation of raw and auxiliary materials, finished products and equipment require various motor vehicles. Vehicle injury accidents may occur due to the defects in the handling and driving of roads and materials, vehicles and drivers.
6. falling high
Many high-level operation platforms set up for production needs are not properly set up, which can easily cause falling accidents. Secondly, high-level mechanical and electrical equipment placed in the production process, such as workers'physical discomfort, inattention and violation of operating rules, may occur in normal production patrol and maintenance. A fall accident.
7. burn (high temperature burn).
Machinery, vehicle moving parts, welding parts of the higher temperature, if the human body accidentally touched the surface of high-temperature materials and high-temperature container devices, it is very likely to cause burning;
High temperature equipment without protective equipment or insulation layer shedding and breakage may also cause burns.
Failure to wear protective articles according to regulations or incorrectly wear protective articles can also cause burning when the human body touches the surface of high temperature equipment.
8. Electric shock
Electrical equipment used (such as mixer, raw material lifting, belt conveyor, air compressor, power distribution facilities, etc.), electrical equipment design defects, insulation aging or damage, no ground (zero) protection facilities or damage, illegal operation, improper protection measures can lead to electric shock accidents.
If the distribution room operators have not been trained, lack of knowledge of safe electricity consumption, illegal operation will lead to electric shock accidents, which will lead to other safety accidents.
Electrician is a special operator must hold a certificate to work, otherwise it will cause electric shock and other accidents in production safety because they do not know how to use electricity safely.
Power supply equipment, such as improper selection and matching, will cause electric shock and other safety production accidents.
Distribution room operation rules and regulations, operating procedures, safety warning signs, safety records, safety protection facilities are not perfect may lead to electric shock and other accidents in production safety.
If there is no measure to prevent small animals from entering the distribution room, it will cause electrical accidents because of small animals, and then lead to other safety accidents.
If the lightning protection measures of distribution room are not perfect, electrical accidents will be caused by lightning intrusion during thunderstorm season, and then other safety accidents will occur.
Electric shock is liable to occur under high voltage lines.
Failure of power supply capacity and facilities to meet the requirements of safe electricity consumption will affect their normal production, and will lead to other safety incidents such as fire. There are risks of electric shock, object attack and falling height during power supply and maintenance work. Improper handling of the sudden power failure or power outage may cause mechanical hazards and electric shock.
9. Fire
Because of the overload operation of all kinds of electrical facilities, electrical circuits and equipment are heated, which may cause electrical fire.
Use a large number of diesel equipment. Diesel oil is a kind of safer fuel, but when it encounters open fire, high heat or contact with oxidant, it will cause the danger of combustion and explosion; if it encounters high heat, the pressure in the container will increase, and there will be the danger of cracking and explosion; if the lightning protection and anti-static facilities of the oil tank are not effectively installed, fire and explosion may occur when lightning strikes or static electricity occurs.
10. Explosions
Explosion caused by illegal operation of oxygen and acetylene when equipment is installed and overhauled.
The buffer tank of air compressor belongs to pressure vessel. If the design defect, the damage of the tank body, the failure of safety accessories and so on, the explosion accident of the container may occur.
11. collapse
When the raw materials are stored or transported, they are not stacked in accordance with the regulations or violate the safety operation regulations, and the foundation of the factory buildings and structures is not firm, and they are prone to collapse accidents, which may cause casualties and other hazards.

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